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medical Staffing

Medical staffing support is the cornerstone of NLT's history in providing quality services to our Government partners.  The NLT General Medical and Surgical Hospital staffing division was established in 2008 supporting a $1M contract for U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) MD Emergency Medicine at Evans Army Community Hospital, Fort Carson, Colorado and expanded to William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso Texas.

NLT makes the staffing process simple by placing medical professionals according to your specific needs. We handle the recruitment and placement process, allowing you to focus on providing quality service in your Medical Facility. Our innovative recruiting methods and competitive benefits package guarantee that the medical professionals we provide are the most talented in the healthcare industry. With NLT's cost-effective medical staffing solutions, you are guaranteed to save time and money on recruitment and employer fees.

NLT offers the following solutions for your Medical staffing needs:

• Biologists                                           • Chemists                                    • Cytotechnologists     

• Hematologists                                    • Histologist                                  • Lab Assistants           

• Medical Laboratory Technologists    • Medical Technologists                • Phlebotomist             

• Quality Assurance Professionals       • Physicists                                   • Scientists                   

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NLT is a recognized source for base operations / facilities management support.



We provide effective management and technical information technology services 

mission safety support

A trusted resource for mission safety assurance at all levels of government.


Cost-effective medical staffing solutions, guaranteed to save time and money.

mission safety SUPPORT

The Mission Safety Engineering / Tech Support group at NLT consists of experienced and professionally registered mission safety.experts. Our team supports our clients in accomplishing its institutional safety program objective. Our safety and quality assurance programs reveal an overall picture of risks to reduce the cost of mission success and promote a healthy work environment. The NLT team utilizes engineering principles that are coherently integrated critical mission requirements. Our team approach, with its history of proven successes, uses expert skills, analytical methodologies, and a pool of trained professionals.

NLT Mission Safety Capabilities Include:

  • Risk Management

NLT has a proven record of utilizing risk management as a formalized system for managing risks (risk identification, analysis and planned approach). Our continuous risk management process ensures that our clients are able to better control risk through informed decision making. NLT also brings capabilities and experience to provide training and assistance in the performance of continuous risk management.

  • Safety Engineering

NLT utilizes safety engineering to ensure that it is used throughout the life cycle of a system to help identify and eliminate hazards that could injure people or damage hardware. With the complexity of systems continually growing, safety analyses and hazard control are vital to the success of our clients mission requirements..Our team understands this complexity and is able to design a comprehensive safety engineering program to meet the goals of our government partners and ensure mission success.

  • Quality Engineering

The NLT team of Quality Engineers produce/verify products to assure that adequate standards are specified in processes and project design specifications.

  • Reliability Engineering

Our reliability engineers ensure the consistent performance and successful operation of a product or system by participating in design, development, and product assurance activities.

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Probabilistic Risk Assessment is a comprehensive, structured, and disciplined approach for identifying, analyzing and quantifying risk in engineered systems. The NLT Assessment Protocol is primarily used as a decision support tool that uncovers design and operational weakness in engineered systems and then helps to systematically identify and prioritize safety improvements.

  • Quality Assurance

Our team  of Quality Assurance specialists implement quality assurance functions by defining & imposing requirements for contracted government procurements. The specialists use quality assurance techniques to provide verification that contractor processes and products meet or exceed contracted requirements.

  • Software Assurance

Our Risk Management team, in sync with our team of experienced IT professionals development, verification, and integration with hardware presents significant risk to the cost, schedule, and technical management of a project or a program. By implementing a software assurance program, at program startup, a program can better ensure and verify the quality and reliability of software while reducing program risks.

  • Institutional Safety

NLT offers industrial safety and health expertise to assess varied test safety systems and environments. The NLT team of safety officers is made up of experienced, preeminently qualified professionals with a consistently valued ability to identify unique hazards and offer tailored solutions. In addition, our institutional safety representatives are OSHA-recognized leaders and industry mentors offering progressive management strategies and practices to prevent a wide variety of workplace injuries and mishaps.

Program managemenT

Design / Build / Life Safety Upgrade Construction / Test Facility Mock-up

forensic science support services 

The NLT Forensic Science Support team is a specialized mission-based support organization. Our team works collaboratively with  criminal justice agencies  and specialized labs to share specialized forensic skills and knowledge in order to provide highest level of support to our clients.

.Our history with the forensic science laboratory management at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms (BATF) National Laboratory Center has provided us an overwhelming depth of knowledge in coping with DOJ and other agency needs at various locations, scales of projects and amount of personnel. 

Currently the Laboratory Services Division (LSD) is providing services for the ATF comprising of four laboratories in three locations. Forensic Science Laboratories (FSLs) are located in Atlanta, Georgia (FSL-A); Walnut Creek, California (FSL-SF); and Beltsville, Maryland (FSL-W). Staff includes chemists, engineers, firearm and tool-mark examiners, fingerprint specialists, biologists, questioned document examiners, specialized laboratory technicians and administrative support personnel. 

federal it solutions

NLT Management Services understands that Information Technology is a mission critical tool in any government agency.  Our mission-focused  IT management and support services are based on a solid investment in advanced IT toolsets and skilled IT professionals. We provide exceptional value and innovation using the best IT service management platforms and process-based best practices to provide IT infrastructure monitoring, professional support services for increased productivity and simplified IT management.

With the NLT IT Management Support model, our Government partners experience cost savings, standardized operations, simplified IT management and professional support using systematic best practices approach. This assures our clients a level of service management for IT systems, business processes, staffing, and leadership. Synoptek aligns with the size and complexity of your business to deliver the best value in the market today.

The NLT team of project managers, engineers and technicians bring together an experienced hands-on approach that are equipped with the knowledge to fully understand the complete scope of any project from initiation to completion. Our professionals have the skill set and proven experience to allow us to properly implement system requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.

With years of experience, our team will provide our Government partners with a professional qualifications that demonstrates extensive knowledge and skill.

Forensic services

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of scientific and engineering services.

program management 

At NLT Management Services Program Management Support consists of services to meet or improve time/schedule, cost, and quality objectives of a program. Our Program Management support services include strategic planning, project planning, pre-acquisition, acquisition, implementation/deployment, and operations / maintenance.

NLT adheres to best practices and industry / government standards and follows the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) disciplines.to ensure effective management support. We leverage these best practice frameworks to analyze project / program data, report project status, develop critical project milestones, and establish budgetary constraints, schedules, technical requirements and long range plans.

NLT is able to bring noted professionals (including former government Senior Executives) who can provide measurable business and stakeholder benefits, including:

  • financial savings
  • Increased mission efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increased on-time delivery of projects
  • Improved customer service

Our PMP-certified Project Managers provide the highest quality services throughout the project. NLT understands the value of a standards-based approach to program management, which leverages repeatable processes and is based on best practices, and we ensure that our customers reap its benefits.

base operations / facilities management

NLT Base Operations / Facilities Management personnel provide the resources to.operate government owned bases, installations, camps, posts, and stations. The NLT team provides the resources to sustain mission capability, ensure quality-of-life,enhance work force productivity and ensure personnel and infrastructure support. Our team's extensive experience includes housing  / lodging support services, logistics management, personnel management; and morale, welfare, and recreation services to our clients and their families.

The NLT Team is able to provide Infrastructure support that meets critical mission functionality.  Our program includes...

  • utility systems operations;
  • installation equipment maintenance;
  • engineering services
  • fire protection
  • custodial, refuse collection, snow removal
  • lease of real property
  • security protection and law enforcement
  • transportation motor pool operations.